Against Covid-19 In Addition To Vaccines, Special Enzymes Secretion and Radiation

Against Covid-19 In Addition To Vaccines, Special Enzymes Secretion and Radiation

Newautoglass – New ways to combat Covid-19, except for vaccines, are being explored and some of them are the Covid-19-specific enzyme secretion in research in Texas America. Russia is also investigating the use of radiation as a way to stop viruses. It cannot be denied that the Corona virus has threatened the world and life as if it had stopped running. The economy is severely disrupted due to movement restrictions, lockouts, psbb or whatever the term is.

Apart from vaccines, experts are still looking for ways to defeat COVID-19. Experts from Vanderbilt University and the medical branch of the University of Texas say they have found the weak points of the coronavirus. The study was published on the MedicalXpress portal and reported by the Russian news website 29/01/2021

Scientists say they have found that the genome of the coronavirus actually contains a special enzyme called exoribonuclease nsp14-ExoN, which is responsible for the evolution of the virus.

This enzyme is a key target for the suppression and mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic, to prevent future outbreaks of the new coronavirus, said Jennifer Gribble, co-author of the study. This enzyme can lose the ability to recombine and stop working completely if we can develop enzyme blockers, according to the scientists.

Previously, Russian scientists also investigated and believed that low doses of radiation could kill the coronavirus without harming humans. They are studying the effects of radiation on the virus together with scientists from Uzbekistan. They also believe that exposure to radiation can be used for disinfection.

Before it became a reality, the WHO Strategic Advisory Group (SAGE) on immunization issued interim recommendations for the use of a vaccine (Moderna mRNA-1273) for use against COVID-19 in people aged 18 years and older.

HCWs with a high risk of exposure and the elderly should be given preference for vaccination.

WHO recommends that all vaccines be monitored for at least 15 minutes after vaccination.

Those who immediately experience a severe allergic reaction to the first dose should not receive additional doses (continued). Physical distance should still be maintained, hands washed, neatness maintained, crowds avoided, in addition to wearing masks that meet the requirements.

Indonesia has started using the Sinovac vaccine manufactured by China. Indonesia does not seem to be alone. Turkey confidently started the Sinovac vaccine with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan injecting the Sinovac vaccine on January 14, 2021, a day after the health authorities allowed the vaccine to be used.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took off his black shirt and was vaccinated on Thursday when the country of 83 million people started China’s Sinovac jab.

The 66-year-old Turkish leader appeared within about an hour to set a good example. The president is among 83 million recipients vaccinated, although some countries mean the use of vaccines between the ages of 18 and 59.

“There are still people who are campaigning negatively on vaccination, but I believe common sense will apply,” Erdogan said before the injection. Chile has also approved the emergency deployment of the Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by China Sinovac for people aged 18-59.

“CoronaVac is a safe and effective vaccine against the pandemic,” Heriberto Garcia, director of the ISP, told Reuters.

On January 17, 2021, the Brazilian government granted emergency permission for two Covid-19 vaccines, namely from Astra Zeneca and Sinovac.

Monica Calazans, a 54-year-old nurse in Sao Paulo, became the first person to be injected with the vaccine in Brazil.

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